In B or S I’m crossing to the dork side
Welcome to the game of clones! Arya ready?

Don't step on my guard dog

I have a better chance of being drafted than winning this show
I’m just here for the points and the snacks
Linkedin just emailed me. I’m qualified as Sherwin-Williams color mixer
Once a pun a time far away and long ago
A shout-out to all my peeps.

Note: Drawing of four yellow marshmallow Peeps

I’m young in Galapagos giant tortoise years
I’m milk of magnesia intolerant
I’m not lost. I’m a professional explorer
Warning! This panelist will get frequent mutes today
Buying Powerball tickets is my retirement plan
If you have to choose between bacon and being skinny, do you choose applewood?
I don’t take the Rockies for granite
I’m having people over for dinner. They asked what they could bring. I said “dinner”
I want to spend the rest of my life laughing

My family’s menu had two choices:
take it or leave it

I dream of falling off a cliff. I wake up on the floor
I’m a non-profit operation, but not by choice
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