Welcome, Jorge
fresh meat-and-greet-and-beat
love, 576.5

Note: Jorge = Jorge Sedano, a new panelist on the show.

Pilates? I thought you said pies and lattes
If you don’t like the blackboard put duct tape over that part of the TV
I play a mean game of pickleball. I’m considered a big dill

Sign on my TV:
"Built in antenna".
What is that country?

I used to be apathetic. Now I just don’t care anymore
Sarah has me confused with someone who cares about her opinion

Note: Sarah = Sarah Spain, another panelist on the show

I wear throw-back clothes every day. That’s all I have in the closet
My younger sister wanted to be an only child
Guy asked to be friends again. I said, “Why make the same mistake twice?”
Snowing in Denver. I took the bus today. I hope the police don’t find it
I got the flu shot today. Yep, got flu. Should have gotten anti-flu shot
I ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon. I’ll let you know
I’m a huge fan of space. Both outer and personal
The older I get, the earlier it gets late
Just bought some Halloween candy that won’t make it to Halloween
Dreamed last night I ate a pillow. Woke up with cotton mouth
When playing in Canada you have to bring eh game
If 3 of 4 people suffer with cavities, does the other enjoy them?
I shot my age in golf on my birthday. I quit after 12 holes
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