Because a broker invested my money I’m broker
Electrician sent me a bill for $2,000. I was shocked
Boomerang I threw yesterday hasn’t come back. I’m scared
National Pirate Day! Willie St-aargh-ell my favorite
I just bought a reversible jacket. Let’s see how this turns out
First on my bucket list is a new bucket
Gave Tony gluestick instead of chapstick. He won’t talk to me
Tony asks some ridiculous questions. Right up my alley

Note: Tony = Tony Reali, the host of ATH

I threw a rock 5,280 feet. That’s a real milestone
I’m an awful mind reader. Telepathetic
I’m going for 5,000 shows on my 99th birthday
2,500th ATH appearance. First one seems like only 17 years ago
I detest peer pressure. You must, too
Takes me four times to insert USB right side up

Kate Fagan 5-9 Guard Colorado Buffs’ Record 3-pointers

Note: Pic of Kate Fagan (another panelist on the show) playing basketball [pic]

Sarcasm is an acquired art form
Good thing my phone is smart. I’m not
I have a lot on my plate. Not busy. Just hungry.
Any port in a storm. Any porta-potty at a concert
I need new friend. I’m down to none
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