I’d rather spend the day in Strawberry Fields than on Penny Lane
A bad analogy is like a bad analogy
Happy Thanksgiving turkeys
Please hand me a stick


I like to break my Reece’s pieces into real pieces
I like to break my Reece’s pieces into real pieces
Can’t ATH afford a chair for Reali?

Note: Reali = Tony Reali, the host of ATH. The new ATH set has Reali standing and walking around

The door is ajar. The jar is never adoor
My origami startup folded
I needed a xray on my wrist. Couldn’t get into hospital, so went to airport
Don’t you despise someone who answers his own questions? I do
Nothing makes me happier than winning ATH. I always get nothing
Spoiler alert! Milk in my refrigerator for 3 months
Invisible fan wants to meet me today. I can’t see him
Met a man named wi-fi. But we had no connection

My two favorite words:
senior discount

Should my daughter tell her dog he’s adopted?
Pavlov always forgot to feed his dog
I bought a puzzle that said 2-6 years. I did it in 1
Tequila, it’s what’s for dinner!
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