Picture of Woody Paige with his chalkboard

Around The Horn is a sports discussion show on ESPN. It’s a little different than your garden variety panel discussion show because, while they discuss topics somewhat seriously, they don’t take themselves or the show seriously at all. To really understand what the show is and how it works, either watch it (on ESPN or on their website) or check out the entry about it on Wikipedia (which is way too detailed, by the way).

One of the regular guests is Woody Paige of The Denver Post. When he’s on from his newsroom, and often times when he travels, he has a chalkboard over his right shoulder that has little messages on it. The messages are sometimes pithy, sometimes insulting to his other panelists, and, every once in while, entertaining. This WOMBAT is a list of each chalkboard message that has appeared on ATH since January 2008.

I may not update it every day, but I will not go longer than a week between updates.

Note: In the event that Woody’s chalkboard contains non-text, I will include a description, and will attempt to include a picture.