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I can do without your attitude. I have one of my own.
My 5th grade teacher taught you should think before speaking. I missed school that day.
My brain tells me I’m 31. My body tells me I’m brainless.
I’m auditioning to be superhero in movie “Cesspool.”
Antelopes love the TV show “Around the Pronghorn.”
On ATH I always extrapolate too late.
I left a nap on a cozy couch for this?
Just pretend I’m not here and you’re not watching.
Whenever Tony talks I thnk “hmmm” and stop thinking.
Today is National Thinking Day, I think.
I put the fun in dysfunctional.

NFL has Swifties.
NHL has Beliebers.
Who wants the Paigers?

Who should win today?
Ramona, Dennis, Tim, Spongewood Squarepants?

Fruita(co.) High School should nickname teams De Lumes.
College football team should have deodorant as nickname. Roll on, state.
Put nose on QR code


This is not a drill.


I speak two languages
sarcasm and cynicism.

I mistakenly got on the treadmill holding scissors.
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