Chicken-fried steak best food item ever. The rest is just gravy
I know who’s the most important person on ATH. Read first word again
Never thought I’d be someone who works out at a gym 2 hours daily. I was right
As I drove into cemetery GPS said I’d arrived at my final destination
My cow doesn’t produce. Milk dud
Reali’s back. Hope he went to a school to learn scoring

Note: Reali = Tony Reali, the host of ATH

Yoga, Yoga, Yoga,
Yoda, Yoda, Yoda,
Yogi, Yogi, Yogi

I live in Marvel world as Commander Chalkboard. My super power is eliminating Stugotz

Note: Stugotz is another panelist on the show

You are just as unique as other, only less so
Hey, you, get off my cloud storage
If there is a tie after buy or sell, oldest panelist must advance
PayPal turned me down as a friend
If I say I will call you later, it will be sometime in my lifetime
I had to repeat pre-school twice
I’m not often wrong, but when I am wrong, it’s the wrongest of all-time wrongs. Right?
I want one viewer to stay up all night thinking only about me
Pier 17 in Manhattan is the cause for all my troubles

Note: Tony Reali, the host of ATH, is in the studio located near Pier 17

My senior thesis about using less paper was 2,400 pages
Tony can’t mute me today if I whisper and speak Latin
KB will be the professor in Gilligan’s Island reboot. Imagine Mina as Mary Ann
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