I’m not a common panelist. I’m a limited edition.
Pluto no longer classified as a planet or a dog.

“Still haven’t found what I’m looking for.”
Me too

78 is the new 18.
Spent last three weeks as a minicamp counselor.
I’ve been on double secret mission. Can’t say where. Mahalo.
I’m play scrabble; the others playing candy land.

At the end of the day
the bottom line is
what I bring to the table
is a fork

Why does butter have it’s own compartment while ketchup must share?
broken heart


Producing podcast A.I. and AI - Allen Iverson and Artificial Intelligence.
I can do without your attitude. I have one of my own.
My 5th grade teacher taught you should think before speaking. I missed school that day.
My brain tells me I’m 31. My body tells me I’m brainless.
I’m auditioning to be superhero in movie “Cesspool.”
Antelopes love the TV show “Around the Pronghorn.”
On ATH I always extrapolate too late.
I left a nap on a cozy couch for this?
Just pretend I’m not here and you’re not watching.
Whenever Tony talks I thnk “hmmm” and stop thinking.
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