Tony, let’s make this swift. I have to get to my tailor.
Dodgers done like burnt dinner.
I prefer hot cakes and medium rare steaks to Tony’s luke warm takes.

My superpower is
is invisibility. You
won’t see me in showdown.

Note: [sic] on the two 'is' [pic]

ESPN Planning Special
About me on ATH:
“Losing Time”.

Expert Dating Advice:

I was fired as a waiter because I refused to take orders.

Mickey is a mouse. Donald is a duck.
Pluto is a dog.
Goofy is an ATH panelist.

Spoiler Alert!
This show does end well.

Don’t blame me. The producers yell in my ear the whole show.

Note: earpiece hanging over chalkboard [pic]

We don’t have a second chalkboard.


I’m planning new app called Twooder. You can post Twoods.
I like when you read cold chalkboard takes. You get brain freeze.
If I were a triangle I would be a cute one.

I’m opening hokey pokey help center.
You can turn yourself around.

Bigfoot awarded lifetime hide-and-seek achievement award.
Never shall Mark Twain and Shania Twain meet in a Vegas restaurant.

Want to build an ark?
I Noah guy.

My favorite character in Asteroid City is Woodrow.
I’m not getting old. I’m busy becoming a legend.
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