In Spanish the Los Angeles Angels are The Angels Angels and redundantly bad.
Picture your image here.
For me Buy or Sell always becomes bye and sail.

I am a nobody.
Nobody is perfect.
Therefore, I'm perfect.

Keep caml and proofread.
I interrupted a great day to do this show.
Interestingly, I am interesting.
I’m so old I was fan of 1913 U.S. Open Champ. We met.
Judge me not on ATH, Tony, lest ye be judged as host.

Note: Tony = Tony Reali, the host of ATH

I’m going all carpe diem on this show.
I should never be elected. I approve this message.
Keep friends close and enemas closer.
Actually, I’d rather be a matador.
I want to play hide and seek with bigfoot.
I feel old until I realize Bob Ryan is older.
Don’t ask Clinton about his derby trip. It’s a waste of your time.

Note: Clinton = Clinton Yates, another panelist on the show

Clerk asked me for my ID. Gave him my stone tablet.
Today Goliath beats David.
New TV series “Losing Time” about me on ATH
Played golf. Shot my age. I look good for 102.
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