Believe in something! Or whatever
Tony, Ludacris and I star in “Another Night In Miami”
Next Super Bowl I’m performing. Call me Weakday
I am lip-syncing today
Aliens, don’t contact ATH. There is no intelligent life on show
I got vaccine. Left arem hurts. That’s my excuse today
I use to be ambivalent, but I’m not sure anymore
I asked for vaccine at pharmacy. I got Visine
Dogs smarter than us. They won’t pick up our poop
I talk in my sleep. Reali mutes me when I wake up

Note: Reali = Tony Reali, the host of ATH

Merry and Happy. 2021 won’t be so crappy
Forget elf on the shelf. Drow on the show
Please send PJs. Been wearing same pair on ATH for 10 months
Nobody knows about Olive the other reindeer
Where’s George Bailey when we need him now?
Worst holiday gift I got last year was a 2020 planner
I’m amazed at how panelists know so little. Especially me
I sold my 60-year press pass collection to Bob Dylan for $812

I'm street smart.
Sesame Street smart

I don’t think before offering an opinion. I want to be surprised like you
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