Tony asked to imitate flamingo today, but I put my foot down
I fell into upholstery machine, but I’m recovered
Want to start pro hide-and-seek league, but good players are tough to find
I just bought rare 17th century painting. I’m baroque

My 2020 Goal:
fewer mutes,
more cowbell

Pay no attention to closed-captioning. Misquotes me
I’ve been nice this year Santa. Viewers might disagree
Seems like I’m roasting on an open fire today
My favorite childhood memory? Not paying bills
Man in “15 Items Or Less” lane has 32. Math major? Harvard graduate?
Only 11 shopping days until I go broke
I wore this red shirt to Target today. Ended up with a part-time job
I have a million nerves in my body. Reali irritates them all

Note: Reali = Tony Reali, the host of ATH

Banana nut muffin $152,000

Note: A banana nut muffin was taped to the chalkboard with duct tape, like that art piece. The muffin fell off during the first segment, and Woody ate it going into commercial.

Disney hired me to be goofy. I’ve succeeded
I am a star on a trek to boldly go nowhere
Baby Yoda adopting I am
When “check engine” light comes on, I think “maybe next week”
My strength of schedule on ATH this year is not strong
If in doubt, analytics
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