Here I go again. Ride starts now! Keep hands inside car at all times
My madness is not limited to March
Best “Rocky Balboa” quotes? I had 3. All were cut from movie
Panelists have combined age of 257 and ATH record of 1714.5-5140 and a WAR of -357.8
Four panelists today used to close bars together. Meeting today for early-bird buffet
I own a condo inside Reali’s mind

Note: Reali = Tony Reali, the host of ATH

I’m afraid of getting fired during commercial break. Stay tuned
My 30 seconds today goes without saying
Went to trampoline center. Was thrown out by bouncer
Be patient. I’ll be eliminated from the show at the end of this segment
My winning percentage on ATH is above the Mendoza Line. Barely
If I can’t convince you I will confuse you
I chalk up my blackboard inadequacy to poor potty training
My kitchen doesn’t have any unhealthy snacks…I’ve eaten them all
Dias sailed around the horn. I assail Around The Horn
When I awoke today I didn’t expect to be this witty and charming
I still don’t get Reali’s scoring system and fashion statement

Note: Reali = Tony Reali, that host of ATH

There’s no “we” in M&M’s. Don’t even ask
I’m not responsible for the faces I make when Sarah talks

Note: Sarah = Sarah Spain, another panelist on the show

I’m in a good place in life. Sitting near buffet line
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