Don’t bet on me to win today. You’ll see why soon
I’m not doing a deep dive today; I’m going much deeper
I’m the chairman of the chalkboard; Reali is hair apparent
When you rip me on Twitter spell “you’re” correctly
Will NBA playoffs MVP get invitation to Disney World?
I have split personalities. Allow me to introduce my selves
I’d agree with Sarah today, but we’d both be wrong
My back hurts from carrying this show
My pet parrot stopped talking to me
My books are smarter than Tony Reali’s books
My local baker went on vacation. Call it loaf management
Better to be a witty fool than a foolish wit
Spent hours looking for phone using flashlight on my phone
Treat strangers like you treat your dog

House flooded?
Need help?
I Noah guy

I diet everyday after 7 pieces of bacon
Decided to cheer for the Dolphins this year on porpoise
Our pilot said on loud speaker: “I’m working from home today”
I’m hoarding german sausage and cheese for würst káse scenario
Sawdust is man glitter
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