Installing mirrors is a job I could see myself doing.
Making cuddly teddy bears is a job that I can wrap my arms around.
Save your “Happy New Year” for next year or the year after.

My favorite dinosaur is the Thesaurous.
It was mean, nasty and rude.

I’m considering charisma bypass surgery.
Tony, please explain the scoring system. Asking for 500,000 friends.
I’m living in a perpetual time warp.
I am slow to speak, but quick to not listen to Reali.

Note: Reali = Tony Reali, the host of ATH

A penny for Plaschke’s thoughts seems pricey.

Note: Plaschke = Bill Plaschke, another panelist on the show

I call Wednesdays “Chump Day” as reference to other panelists.

In school I flunked pig latin.
Ancay ooyay elphay emay.

Coyote is faster than roadrunner. Wile E. was stupid.
My brain is full of movie quotes and song lyrics.
A cowboy cat saus “meowdy”.

Trying to win this show is like dancing with my hands tied.
Sad beautiful tragic.

Note: Woddy dressed as Taylor Swift

Errors tour concert today on ATH.

Note: Woddy dressed as Taylor Swift [pic]

I can repair all TVs. Unplug. Wait 15 seconds. Plug in again. Then repeat.

I just act like I’m listening to Plaschke.
I’m thinking about dinner.

Note: Plaschke = Bill Plaschke, another panalist on the show

I do this show in a midieval oubliette.
Please free me.

Note: sic [pic]

I begin each ATH show with a theorem proposition, but Tony can’t handle the truth.

Note: Tony = Tony Reali, the host of ATH

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