Our pilot said on loud speaker: “I’m working from home today”
I’m hoarding german sausage and cheese for würst káse scenario
Sawdust is man glitter
At least I’m not predictable
T-rex died because he couldn’t wash hands
I’m just here to establish an alibi

I knew you would

My advice is to never listen to my advice
That’s a terrible idea. What time?
Tony doesn’t need Google. He can ask me
I pressed spacebar. I’m still on Earth
I’m here what are your next 2 wishes
You can’t be late if you don’t show up
I’ve made smarter love choices than Pilot Pete
I’ve stopped being friends with my mime. He won’t speak to me
I wanted to be shepherd. I like their pie. But I’m too sheepish
Here I go again. Ride starts now! Keep hands inside car at all times
My madness is not limited to March
Best “Rocky Balboa” quotes? I had 3. All were cut from movie
Panelists have combined age of 257 and ATH record of 1714.5-5140 and a WAR of -357.8
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