My hairstyle and lifestyle are a hot mess
Yea I said that. Welcome to my Brain. Buckle up, Bucky
Getting a new pail is on my bucket list

Today’s secret word:

Note: It's a song

It didn’t dawn on me until dusk

My horoscope today:
Overbearing host zaps your enthusiasm

Believe in something! Or whatever
Tony, Ludacris and I star in “Another Night In Miami”
Next Super Bowl I’m performing. Call me Weakday
I am lip-syncing today
Aliens, don’t contact ATH. There is no intelligent life on show
I got vaccine. Left arem hurts. That’s my excuse today
I use to be ambivalent, but I’m not sure anymore
I asked for vaccine at pharmacy. I got Visine
Dogs smarter than us. They won’t pick up our poop
I talk in my sleep. Reali mutes me when I wake up

Note: Reali = Tony Reali, the host of ATH

Edgar Josh Allen Poe:
Don’t quote the ravens any more

Brady vs Brees:
Game for the aged

Have a ♥. Be an organ doner
The DeVonta Smith Rips an Ohio State
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