Every mistake I make today is the result of getting out of bed.
Rather than sending texts I prefer being condescending in person.
I have nobody to blame but Clinton.

Note: Clinton = Clinton Yates, the host of ATH today

Grogu is a nepo baby.
You are not booing me at home watching the show. You are shouting “Woooooody”.
Other panelists think I act like I don’t care what they say. It’s not an act.
I got this job because my father owns the Disney corporation.
All my opinions are my own. ATH refuses to take responsibility for me.
I’m about to break out today with ATH karaoke.
I invented new Twitter game called Woodle. All guesses are correct.
I was my shcool’s champion in pick-up sticks.
My SAT score in high school was below freezing.
The late bird gets the worm because the early bird gets the buffet.
I emerged today from being in the dark all week to do ATH

What am I doing here?

Hello, Canada. I brought my eh game today for you.

I’m an adult person.
Sort of.

I’d rather spend midnight at the oasis than be in the desert on a horse with no name.

I won’t be on ATH tomorrow because of load management.
&emdash; William Paris

The one thing I can always count on are my fingers.
&emdash; Michael Carmellini

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