Tim’s Thanksgiving tradition

Note: Can of Spam taped to chalkboard.
Tim = Tim Cowlishaw, another panelist on the show [pic]

Sarah’s special secret recipe.
Open Can. Serve.

Note: Can of cranberry sauce taped to chalkboard [pic]

Tony is the man,
the myth,
the mute monster.

I hate losing.
Especially weight.

You still have time. Vote.
If you can read this, so what? You can read.
ATH has lasted 20 years. I’m surprised I lasted 20 shows.
ATH’s American Idle champion for 20 years.
I have the ability to annoy all of the other panelists.
I saw all the great bands before they and I got old.
The Lakers had showtime. I own showdown.
Act like I’m not here. I do.
I’ve decided to become a limited edition.
I’m eliminating bad choices from my life. You are one.
My ATH warning to Tony Reali: This is not a drill.
Critique of Amazon Thursday Night Football? I’ll send you my opinion in two days.
Producer checked my ears before the show. Found 40 cents.
Wish I had a quarter for every bad quarter of football I’ve seen this season.
I just hit my funny bone. It is not humerus.
I don’t think before I talk on ATH. I want to be surprised like you.
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